Xerox Printer Repair centre: Removing the Print Head on a Xerox MFC?

Xerox Printer Repair Centre: Removing
the Print Head on a Xerox MFC
Xerox printer is popular among all the printers for homes and businesses.
You can buy a single multifunctional printer instead of buying a printing,
faxing, copying and scanning machine. All-in-one Xerox Printer can do all
things together. However, like all other electronic gadgets, this is also not
If you are facing print head issue on it, then follow the given steps to
troubleshoot this problem:
1. Open the front panel cover of the Xerox Printer unit. Push the button on
the front of the unit so that paper outlet cover can be opened easily.
2. Search the print head cartridge and hold the handle to lift it out of the
machine. Make sure to hold the print head cartridge by its handle.
3. Now, withdraw the print cartridge from its packaging. Also, remove
the top of the aluminum package.
4. Hold the handle on the top of the new print cartridge and set it on a flat
surface. Ensure the print head cartridge does not touch anything
while lifting the box towards upward direction. Make sure not to shake
or tilt the cartridge.
5. Open the top of the package from left to right direction. Remove all the
seal from the new print head cartridge one at a time. Also, remove
the tape from its top and grasp the protective cover. Carefully, detach
the protective cover from the print head cartridge.
6. Hold the cartridge by the handle and position the flat end toward the
back of the printer.
7. Line up the rollers on the print head with the arrows on the machine
and carefully lower it into place. Remove the protective cover sheet off
of the cartridge. Finally, close the paper outlet unit and then close the
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