What Can Be Done In Case Of Unresponsive Touchpad

What Can Be Done In Case Of Unresponsive Touchpad Or ClickPad In HP?
There can be many reasons behind the unresponsive behavior of TouchPad or ClickPad in your HP laptop.
Firstly, it is important to identify the real cause of the issue. Issue rising in TouchPad of your Hp laptop
may be:
Multi-finger gestures are not working
Buttons or clicking not working
TouchPad or ClickPad is not doing anything at all.
Scrolling doesn’t work.
Tapping can’t be done.
Issue with the sensitivity.
Hp support Canada in this blog helps you in case of scrolling issue. You are recommended to change its
settings. Dedicated horizontal and vertical lines scroll gestures helps you to scroll inside the program and
this setting is enabled by default. Changing settings will surely help you out in adjusting and customizing
it according to your convenience. Experts provide the every possible way to get back to your working of
TouchPad or ClickPad, you just need to follow the instructions provided below carefully:
 Modify Single-Finger Scrolling:
 In the search box of Windows, enter ‘Mouse’ and look for its settings or Go to control
panel and click Change Mouse Settings.
 In ‘Properties for Synaptics ClickPad’ window, go to highlight scrolling. You will see a
checkbox besides Scrolling, if it doesn’t contain check mark, then to enable this feature,
click this checkbox until check mark is shown.
 Now to adjust settings for scrolling click the Settings icon and make adjustments
according to yourself:
o Scrolling Speed: Adjusts the speed.
o Set Scrolling Region: Adjusts the size, this region is defined by the cross-hatched
area. Small black square can be clicked to make the region smaller or larger.
o And few more buttons for enabling horizontal, vertical & chiral scrolling. Also,
Edge Motion while scroll and enabling coasting.
 Check all the options and when you have made necessary changes, hit the Close button.
 As now have returned to the properties screen, click the Apply button and the change
made will be applied, exit the screen by click OK.
 Adjust Two-Finger scrolling: This not only helps you to scroll to the area which is designated but
also vertically and horizontally from anywhere on the TouchPad surface,
 Go the Change Mouse Settings in the Control Panel Window.
 Under Multifinger Gestures click Two Finger Scrolling and here also click the checkbox
until check mark is not seen to enable it.
Now click the icon of settings to adjust settings as you learned to modify in the Singlefinger scrolling. Make adjustments for speed, horizontal, vertical, reverse, edge motion
coasting etc.
Click close and in the properties window hit the apply button.
Click ok to exit and your change are applied.
You can also adjust its edge behavior with the help of support team.
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