How to carefully replace the CMOS battery of an HP laptop

How to carefully replace the CMOS
battery of an HP laptop?
If you are using your computer for a long time, chances are that you have
encountered a drastic problem with the CMOS battery. Unfortunately, if the
computer turns out to be the HP Laptop, then replacement of this component is
the only solution.
An error with the CMOS battery is represented by the constant need of resetting
the data and time of your machine; this is because the battery doesn’t have enough
juice to keep up with the times. Replacing it is easy, but still needs trained hands.
With that in mind, if you are not afraid to get your hands dirty and are willing to
disassemble your hardware, then HP Support Australia has a way.
For starters, you will need a small flat head screw to access the component and
patience. Once you are sure that you have both of them, confer with the following
steps to replace the component.
Turn of the system:
a. This first steps is also the most crucial. Turn off your system and unplug all the
present connections. After that, turn the device upside down
Detach the hard drive
a. Using the flat head screw you just gathered, unscrew the hard drive cover and
remove it. Once the cover is removed, unscrew the rest of the connections to take
out the HDD itself.
Detach the RAM
a. At the center of the laptop, you will notice RAM. First, you have the remove the
screws that are retaining its position. The Ram cover will be removed. After that,
gently press upon the retaining latches on both the sides to remove the RAM itself.
Make sure that you patience as your primary tool here, because without that you
might damage the system.
Detach the Wireless card
a. You will now notice the wireless card. To remove it, disconnect all the cables
connected to it, unscrew the retainer and pull it out from the motherboard.
Detach the CMOS battery
a. You can now easily notice a coin shaped CMOS battery. Press upon it using
your index finger and the thumb by spreading it along the clips and unclipping it.
After the clips are gone, you can just list the CMOS battery upwards.
Once you have removed the component, you have to put in a replacement and put
the hardware back together again.
This process is easy to follow but is a little iffy on the implementation part.
Therefore, make sure you let experts handle it. For assistance, you can contact our
experts via the toll-free HP technical support Australia 1-800-875-256. Our
experts will not only help you with the replacement, but they also have access to
troubleshooting pertaining to any problem related to your system hardware or
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