Resetting Lenovo Laptop CMOS

Resetting Lenovo Laptop CMOS
Every computer system and laptop is equipped with a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor
(CMOS) chip and battery. The chip has all the BIOS details in its memory and the device battery lets the
chip to maintain and hold this information when the device is powered off. The CMOS chip’s memory will
be erased if the user removes the CMOS battery from the turned off computer (in the state of receiving
of no power). You can locate the CMOS battery in Lenovo laptop beneath the memory compartment
cover on the back side making it easy to take out the battery for resetting the CMOS memory.
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What all you are required to do is follow the below steps:
a. After turning off the Lenovo laptop, unplug the power adapter and pull out the main battery.
b. Take out the memory compartment cover unscrew the captive screws. Take the cover off.
c. Now with ease take out the cell out of its holder with the help of screw driver and disconnect
the cable. Put the cell back after waiting for at least 30 minutes.
d. Tighten the screw put the memory compartment cover back to its place.
e. Turn on the machine and keep the main battery back on the laptop. The CMOS is now reset.
With the help of above steps you can easily reset the Lenovo Laptop and in case of any issue you can
reach our Lenovo Laptop Repair Team.
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