What Are The Special Features Of Yahoo Mail App To Access On iPhone

What Are The Special Features Of Yahoo Mail App To Access On
Yahoo mail app for iPhone offers its users an easy and quick access to all wonderful features of this mail
service. The amazing features of this mail service not only let a user organize emails, one can search
through email and you can also add multiple accounts, create customized emails, access news and much
more you can do without navigating this app.
Today, we are here to explain you the amazing features of this mail service for iPhone and Yahoo
Support team is available to explain you more about this mail service.
Amazing Features For iPhone
Every Account At One Place
When you access Yahoo mail app on your iPhone, you don’t need to worry about installing multiple apps
to manage different email accounts. When you make use of this app, you are able to track all emails
from different accounts by adding them on this application. You can add any mail service and you’ll
never miss an important mail ever.
Smart Search Option
Now you don’t need to scroll the list of your emails to check your important emails as this mail app
allows you to search an email by name or keyword to easily find emails, files, and photos from your mail
Customize Your Messages
You can be unique among your friend and family members, by adding images, GIFs to compose
appealing content rich emails in your mail app.
Stay Organized
If you wish you can organize your email according to your preference, a smart view feature arranges
your emails like promotional emails in a separate folder and important emails in another one. You can
customize folders according to your preferences.
Stay Up-to-Date With Latest News
This mail app for iPhone helps you stay updated with the latest news, business, breaking news, sports,
celebrity, and much more without leaving your app. Just tap on “News” and you can access the
information you are interested in. This app enables you to get instant notification for all current
information of the world.
To know more on the features of this mail service, you need to make a call on Yahoo Technical Support
Ireland +353-766042738.
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