How to Whitelist My Emails Using Yahoo! Mail

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How to Whitelist My Emails
Using Yahoo! Mail
To prevent my email messages from delivering to your spam folder on Yahoo! Mail, and
make sure you receive the life-balancing stuff that I send you, follow these instructions:
First, report my emails as Not Spam:
1. Check your Yahoo! Bulk folder.
2. Highlight the emails from Loflex Holistic Services and click Not Spam.
Although this doesn’t guarantee that my future emails will be delivered properly, it
does help. For extra assurance that my messages are delivered you should…
Second, create a Filter:
1. On the top-right navigation bar click Options and select Mail Options from the
drop-down list.
2. Click Filters (on left side of page).
3. Click Add button on the Filters page.
4. Choose From field to match incoming messages.
5. Choose Contains as the criterion that you want to match.
6. Enter as the test string to compare.
7. Choose Inbox as the destination folder you want the message delivered.
Looking forward to sharing life-balancing content to your inbox!
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