Wattle Park Primary School Parent Contact Year Group List 2015

Wattle Park Primary School
Parent Contact Year Group List 2015
Please find below the form to be completed in order for your contact details to be included in the
Parent Contact List for 2014 for your child’s year group. This information will be provided to other
parents in your child’s year group. It is used to communicate information to parents from the school via
Parent Representatives for your class. It also enables parents to contact other parents for play’s and
birthday invitations. It may be used for parents to call another parent to collect their child if running late
for pick up or to find replacements for Parent help and Canteen duty. In general it is a very good
contact list to have at your fingertips.
Could you please complete your contact details below, that you would like to be
shared, with the year group. Please return the form to the Office only (not class teacher)
with the correct contact details that you would like to be shared in your year group by Friday
the 13th of February 2015 to the Office.
Thank you for your assistance.
Suskia Malafu. Parent Representative Coordinator
Please note that the below information is optional (please be advised that all emails will
have information forwarded to them, so only give emails you are happy to get both school
related and parent communications sent to. Emails are used for last minute school
communications so it is beneficial to provide one. If you only wish for School related
communications via email tick the box # at the end of the email column, your email will only
be provided to your class representative and not the whole year group.)
Students’ Name:
Home Telephone:
Mother’s Name:
Mother’s Mobile:
Mother’s Email:
Father’s Name:
Father’s Mobile:
Father’s Email:
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