How To Enable The Gaming Mode On An AVG?

How To Enable The Gaming Mode On
In the modern era, we are at the time where technology is a community constant. Life at this junction is
specifically inconceivable without the technology we enjoy today. In particular, life would not be as it
were if not for games. So it would be pleasant to enable the gaming mode on an AVG and enjoy this
application. AVG Antivirus developed by AVG technology is well-known and best security software
among the computer user around the world. It provides one of the best features including gaming mode.
Apart from that if you are annoyed by the notification and updates frequently coming on your screen,
then turn on the gaming mode. This will stop it including firewall notification while you play a game.
So here AVG Technical Support Canada provides you with a complete solution by
which you can simply accomplish this task. Go ahead and follow these steps.
 Open the program’s main interface by double-click on the “Square AVG icon” in the taskbar
notification area.
 Go to the “Advance setting”, click on the “tool” button to access the program’s settings.
 Click on the “Appearance” button which should be available in the left-hand pane.
 Go to the box next to “enable game mode when a full-screen Application is executed” it should
be in the bottom of the window. Click on it.
 Enable the general gaming mode by clicking on the “save change” button.
 Now go back to the main window.
 You can see the list of components on the main screen. Double click on the “firewall” button.
 Click the “Enable Gaming Mode”.
 Enable the gaming mode for firewall by Clicking on “save change” button.
These steps are seemingly easy but ideally, it doesn’t assure you to complete this task. There might be a
chance of error in case of some other incidence. Therefore it is always better to get in touch with the
experts, so feel free to contact our highly experienced expert via toll-free AVG Antivirus Support
Number (1-855-253-4222). They will not only help you in this case but also provide you with a welldescribed solution in some other similar issue.