What are the steps to fix AVG error code 0xe001d02

What are the steps to fix AVG error code 0xe001d028?
AVG users come across an error code 0xe001d028 and this error takes place when this software conflicts
with the installed programs on your PC. There may be some other reason behind this error, for example,
you install a free version on your PC and this software was not installed properly and un-installation
request got ignored and so on.
So, whenever you come across this error code, AVG support Canada guides its users to fix this problem
and you don’t need to think much about this issue. In this blog, we are going to describe you some easy
steps that will help you in fixing this error code.
Directions to follow:
Process: 1 Uninstall the conflicting program
Once you detect any conflicted program then you must uninstall this before installing this application
and follow these steps to do so:
First, go to “Start” button from the left side of your screen and then visit “Control Panel”.
Once you are there, you have to select “Programs and features” option.
Next, you will see a list of programs and you need to choose a particular program and then click
“Uninstall” or “Remove” button, depends on your OS.
Once you are done with the un-installation process then restart your PC and then run installation
of AVG again.
Now see if these steps have fixed this error and in case, no, then move onto the next process.
Process: Uninstall the other AVG programs
When an error code 0xe001d028 crops up on your PC with different software but with same
symptoms like AVG are found.
Then, it is required to uninstall those programs on your PC. When the un-installation of other
antivirus application is done successfully then restart your system. Now run AVG application
again on your PC.
With these recommended steps, a user is able to fix this issue and in case; you are getting confused
somewhere or in the middle of the process. No worries connect with an expert at AVG customer
support Number Canada team at 1-855-253-4222 and your issue will resolve in a small fraction of time.