How to Track Your Lost Phone Down Using AVG Mobile Security?

How to Track Your Lost Phone Down Using AVG Mobile Security?
The term ‘bae’ refers to many things. Some use this term for family, friends or lover; to others, it includes their favourite gadget such as Android
phone. An Android smartphones act as far more than simple mobile phones. Generally a smartphone contains your emails, phonebook, personal
and business notes, chats, and all such things that you’ve sent and received.
Losing all of this information accidently can be disastrous. In that case, it’s a good idea to think ahead and plan for misplaced device. As Avg
Technical Support Canada suggests, there is a great application to help you track it down, even if you’ve installed that app or just synced with,
you can find any of yours lost device using the AVG’s Mobile Security.
 If your phone has been lost, you can pinpoint it using the security. To use this service you must have a Google account.
 Take another smartphone and open AVG Mobile Security, if the device doesn’t have the app, follow the next steps to continue.
 Click the Play store icon, search for AVG app, and accept the terms and conditions to install it.
 Once the installation is completed, tap the Remote icon from the context menu.
 Check the box next to Locations Services and then tap the Registration button.
 Here, into the text box, provide your account name and tap the Ok button.
 As you touch the Tap, your phone is registered with AVG.
 Now, navigate to AVG website and enter your credentials.
 At the upper-right corner of the Web page, click Login and then Ok to grant access the website to fetch information of your account.
 After you do this, a window containing a map will begin to appear.
 Here, you can track your phone by clicking the Locate button.
 Provide your lost phone’s no. and select the operator from the drop-down menu.
 Click the Next button to send server signals to your phone.
These steps are quite easy and effective to follow. However, if you face any difficulties while following these steps, then you can contact Avg
Helpline Number Canada @ 1-855-253-4222 Here, we have a team of well-trained professionals and they will be heartily happy to help you.