Solution to “Protection Disabled” Message in Trend Micro Program

Solution to “Protection Disabled” Message in
Trend Micro Program
Trend Micro is one of the vital antivirus currently that eliminates harmful viruses and
other malicious programs from your computer devices. Many of the times, users encounter
with some unknown issues while operating antivirus program. For both new and old
users, it becomes quite a headache to deal with it. One of such issues is the message that
flashes “Protection Disabled” in your Trend Micro program.
Apart from scanning the system for virus and removing harmful files, the antivirus does
provide a protective shield around the system. Some of the time, you might face issues
where you will get a message “Protection Disabled”. Is there anything to worry? Trend
Micro Support Australia can answer that question, keep reading.
The Message You Are Receiving Might Be Due To These Possible Reasons:
 There is conflicting software or another antivirus installed in your computer.
 The computer affected has been removed from your subscription license.
 PUA or Potentially Unwanted Applications or malware exists on your computer.
 The antivirus you are using might not have been downloaded or installed properly.
How to Resolve This Issue?
1. Turn Off The Antivirus From The System Tray
 Right-click on the Trend Micro icon.
 Press on Exit.
 Wait for the antivirus’ icon to disappear from the system tray.
 After it disappears, wait for 30 seconds.
2. Enable Trend Micro Security
To open your Security program, double-click on the program’s icon on your desktop.
3. Run a Scan.
Finishing these processes will ensure your problem to be fixed. If the issue persists,
restarting the components of your program will restore the back to the default mode.
Thus, keep trust in the program and let us help you during errors.
If still the issue persists, you will have to contact our Trend Micro Support Australia
Number @1800-807-909. There is a plethora of antivirus programs in the market to
protect both your system and data from unauthorized access but that can be harmful at
the end of the time. It is here that the effective taskforce working at our support team
comes into the picture and takes care of the issue for them.