How to Run a Full Computer Scan Using Trend Micro?

How to Run a Full Computer Scan Using
Trend Micro?
Trend Micro antivirus is a premium security protection designed to prevent your computer
from viruses and severe online threats. Furthermore, it has an advanced proactive protection
that enables the protection suite and saves your computer from upcoming threats, if any.
In other words, this antivirus program is a flawless application without a doubt. But still,
many users face problems when it comes to full computer scan. For this reason, Trend
Micro Antivirus Support Australia has come with an effective blog to guide our readers
how to do the same. If this sounds good, you have found the right blog! As we will cover
everything you needed.
So Let’s get Started with the Steps:
 Before performing full computer scan, make sure your antivirus program is up-to-date.
If it is not, then do it.
 To update it, on the desktop, double-click the icon. If it is not available here, go the
Start menu by clicking the Start button.
 Here, on the menu, find out Trend Micro and click it to proceed.
 Now, you will see the main UI of the program.
 Next, click the Update button to get the latest VDFs (Virus Definition Files).
 Wait for a few seconds until it updates.
 Now comes to the full scanning. To that end, on the main UI, click the arrow mark
right beside Scan.
 Here, from the drop-down list, select the Full Scan tab to proceed.
 Now, the Scan window will pop up.
 Wait for the scan until it finishes.
 After completion, click the Close button.
 At last, restart your computer system.
Hope, after following the above steps you won’t face issues. However, if you think if you
need more assistance regarding this matter or other matters, call us. To get in touch with us,
dial Trend Micro Support Number @1800-807-909. Here, we have a problem-solving
team. For more information, visit at Trend Micro Support Australia.