What to Do When My HP Laptop is Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi?

What to Do When My HP Laptop is Unable
to Connect to Wi-Fi?
Are you not able to connect your system to your wireless network or
internet? Is the connection slow or disconnected frequently? The
Internet plays the prominent role and issues regarding connections
cannot be ignored, keeping in mind the urgent requirement for working
on it. HP Support in this blog resolves your Wi-Fi connection issue with
easy and quick steps; just follow the below-provided steps carefully and
get connected to your network as soon as possible.
Enable the wireless key or button using the following steps if you are a
Windows 7 user:
Most laptops consist of a button or keyboard key that is used to enable
or disable the wireless signal. Verify if this button is enabled on your
system or not.
 Find the wireless key or button on your system; it can be an image
of an airplane or a wireless signal.
 Press the button for at least 10 seconds and then observe the
changes to the icon of wireless connection in the notification area
and in the LED light of wireless key or button. Hover the mouse
over the wireless connection icon in the notification area if you
can see indication and see the current connection status.
o If the connection is turned off, press the start button or key
again to turn it back on and then try connecting to the
Internet again.
o If the connection is turned on, then connect it to the
Internet again.
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