How To Reduce The Size Of PDF File Using Acrobat 9?

How To Reduce The Size Of PDF File Using Acrobat 9?
In this blog, you’ll learn how to decrease the PDF document size using Acrobat 9. A user can do
this easily without regenerating the file again. The size of a PDF document can be different
based on the Adobe PDF settings used to create the document. For e.g. document created
using the High quality Print available will be bigger than the document created using the
Standard or Smallest File Size available.
Also remember two points that the size of a PDF document depends on First, the amount and
type of content on the pages and secondly on the degree to which a user wish to degrade the
quality of the content of those pages.
Here, you’ll use the Reduce File Size command to decrease the size. The instructions are as
1. Power On your laptop or system and open Adobe Acrobat 8.0 on it.
2. Now,
3. Now select Acrobat 8.0 and later in the Make compatible with section, and click OK.
Note: The newer the version of Acrobat is selected will make the file smaller.Next, you
have to name the modified document. And, click Save after completing the process.
Make sure to save the document using a different name so that overwrite of a
data can be avoided. This reduces the confusion between the changed and
unchanged data.
The software will automatically optimize the PDF file which will take two
minutes. If a pop-up window show, click OK to close the window.
4. Now, minimize the Acrobat window and view the changes made in the file to check the
size. It must be smaller now. It has reduced from the previous one.
A user can repeat 1- 4 steps to check different compatibility settings for the document
 Always keep the backup file just in case the quality goes down too far.
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