How to Connect Windows 7 Device to Your HP LaserJet 1010 Printer?

How to Connect Windows 7 Device to Your
HP LaserJet 1010 Printer?
HP LaserJet 1010, launched in 2010 is till date crowned as one of the efficient printer
manufactured by Hewlett Packard. With its blazing speed and quality, prints have kept the
audiences hooked. This printer is a smooth performer when it comes to monochrome and color
prints both. However being a relatively older printer, find it a slight problem with computers
with printer. To be precise, it has issues while connecting to newer operating systems like
Windows 7 and later versions.
Even brand new printers can crash because you can never completely depend on hardware and
software components, no matter how trusted the brand is. There may be times when your printer
won’t function correctly because of overload, thus, it will have glitches or crash for a while.
To know further, Hp Printer Technical Support elaborates the methods to connect your
LaserJet 1010 machine with your Windows 7 device:
1. Connect Your Printer To Your PC
First, use your USB cable to connect to your LaserJet 1010 and then connect to your PC. Now,
join the workstation of the cable into the compatible ports on each device.
2. Select Orb key
After you have connected your printer to the power source and turn it on. Now, click on the
Orb button located on the lower-left corner of the screen.
3. Add printer
In your computer, go to the Control Panel and select Devices and Printers. Now look for Add
a Printer on the upper-left side of the window. Choose Add a Local Printer and then Next
proceed to the next step.
4. Select the existing port
Choose printer port by selecting Use an existing port. Then you will get prompted with a list of
port, choose DOT4_001 and click Next to proceed.
5. Choose manufacturer
At the final stage, you will get a list of printer manufacturer, choose HP followed by HP
LaserJet 3055 PCL5. The next window you get prompted with, select Use the driver that is
currently installed and Next.
The best way to repair your printer after any issue is to contact Hp Printer Helpline Number
+61-283173389. They will determine your problems precisely and help you by instructing you
the steps to restore your device normally.