Print a Test Page in Mac OS X using Epson Printer

Print a Test Page in Mac OS X using Epson Printer
To test communication between your printer and computer, ‘Test page’ function is the best way.
The test page is directly from the printer driver and helps you in determining that whether the
issue is in communication or in the application that you are using to get your documents
printed. Epson Printer Support Australia here helps you to print a test page using few quick and
easy steps. Just check the following, before you start the process:
o Check the connection (external and technical) between your printer and computers.
o Make sure that the printer is turned on.
o Ensure that there are no red or amber lights on the machine’s LED or error messages on
the LCD panel.
Now use these steps to fix your problem:
Select System Preferences from the Apple menu.
In this section click on Printer & Scanners or Print & Fax.
Select the name of your Epson Printer.
Make sure that print queue is clear. For further instructions click here.
Go to Options & Supplies.
Select the Utility tab on the appeared window.
Into the sheet feeder of machine load some A4 sheets.
Hit the Print Test Page button.
If you see some text is missing on the Test Page or the print quality is not good, then print head
cleaning may be required. For assistance and details, contact Epson Printer Support Number
Australia @ 1-800-952-985. Our technicians are always geared up to help the customers with
any problem occurring in Epson products.
The firm ensures that every minute issue needs the technician’s attention and is resolved within
a short span of time. The spontaneous and unsurpassed solutions are given by the experts to
get rid of any trouble customers are facing. Let it be the information regarding updates, fixing
problems, learning about feature of your brand new products and its services users ask for, it
will be given with ease and comfort. All required is to connect with our experts and resolve any
major or minor issue instantly.