My Dell Keyboard Is Locked: What Do I Do

My Dell Keyboard Is Locked; What Do I Do?
If you seek to appear to be the highest level of professional, you are going to use the keyboard even for
pointing related activities. This ambition shatters when your Dell keyboard is locked. While a locked
keyboard is an issue that can be rectified easily, we need to look into the root cause of such problems in
case you want to prevent the same in future. These causes consists of anything from virus infection,
slowed system, program crash etc. fortunately, dealing with this malfunction when it comes to Dell
laptop quite easy to deal with.
With these causes in mind, Dell Laptop Service centre brings to you some of the rudimentary and
precautionary methods that you can follow through in order to unlock your keyboard whenever any of
the given issues take hold of the peripheral.
P.S These methods are conditional and therefore might work for specialized keyboards as well.
Method 1: In case you are using a wireless peripheral, you can check to see if the device is at
full power. In case of doubt, replace the AA or AAA batteries and see if the peripheral is working.
Method 2: One of the rookie mistakes that even the professionals tend to commit while using
keyboard is not check the Num and Scroll-lock key. In order to use the keyboard to its full
functionality you have to make sure that none of these locks are up.
Method 3: A system restart s the holy grail of all fixes. If the keyboard is not up to the mark, use
the mouse to save all the settings, data and other information and then restart the system.
During the system restart, all the driver related information is re-instantiated and therefore the
drivers are reinstalled. After the prompt reinstallation of the drivers there is a chance that your
unresponsive peripheral will start to properly.
Method 4: There might be circumstances where system restart won’t be of any help. In that
case, in addition to shutting down the system, you should unplug Dell computer as well. Now,
wait for 2 to 3 minutes and restart the system.
Method 5: In case you are using Dell laptop, removing and reinserting the battery can also
resolve many problems with the system’s peripherals.
Method 6: On boot driver installation. To do this, disconnect the keyboard. Restart the system.
At the time the system is booting, reconnect the keyboard and let the on-boot driver installation
take place. This fresh install can surely fix the locked keyboard issue.
As you might’ve already surmised, the above methods are rather rudimentary. To that end, their
applicability depends upon how damaged the peripheral actually is. In any case, you can contact Laptop
Service centre on their toll-free number 1800-431-364 for further assistance. Not just the keyboard, but
the technicians there will help you in repairing or replacing a multitude of system components.
Whatever the case might be, the team will full assist you in your keyboard unlocking efforts.