What Can Be Done When My Dell Laptop Screen Shows Black Or Blank

What Can Be Done When My Dell
Laptop Screen becomes Black or
In today’s time, a person uses a laptop for his education, work, fun and casual purposes. From
kids to old age, everyone likes to use the laptop because of its multifunctional features. When it
comes to education, it helps you a lot to prepare presentation, notes, project and much more.
When it comes to work, no one can deny its importance in this technical world. As most of the
businesses are running (depend) on computers only.
Dell laptops are most durable and fit well to the user’s pocket. Its fast processor adds to the
product quality. And the most important thing is that it is customized to the user needs. So, if
some problem occurs in your computer, will you be able to tolerate? Or will you be able to keep
patience? Here, we are giving the details of the solution, if Dell laptop shows black or blank
Perform the following steps:
1. Verify if the A/C adapter is working properly. Check the indicator light whether it is
blinking or not.
2. Switch off the computer and then switch it on.
3. Increase/decrease the brightness of the screen while the computer is on.
4. Test the system screen in the System Setup (BIOS)
➢ Switch off the system.
➢ Now, switch on the system and press F2 key until System Setup shows on the
➢ Look for the problem you have observed within the system.
5. Now, run the system LCD Built-In Self Test (LCD BIST).
6. Just give a try to boot into Enable VGA mode.
➢ Turn off the computer.
➢ Turn it on and when the Dell logo appears on the screen press F8 key until
Windows Advanced Boot Menu appears.
➢ Go to Enable VGA Mode using Up and Down keys of the keyboard. Hit Enter.
➢ Verify if the video is seen in this mode of Windows.
a) If video is seen, continue to the next step, if it is not seen in the BIOS
or the LCD BIST Contact Adobe Technical Support.
b) Link to an external monitor (if present).
These above methods will help you to recover your Dell laptop. If there is still any doubt in your
mind, don’t hesitate to call Dell technical support number 1800-431-364, who will definitely
resolve your puzzles within limited time. Your each and every problem will be heard politely by
our executives and the best and appropriate solution will be provided. So, don’t delay your
work, as time is very precious. Make a call to our technical support and get the best results.