Beginners’ guild for tire maintenance

Beginners’ Guild For Tire Maintenance
During your days as a driving lesson student receiving lectures on how to care for a vehicle,
you probably received tire maintenance lecturers. But, do you still remember any of such
lessons anymore?
As far as many people are concerned, knowing the rules of the road is all that is necessary.
As a new driver, one of the things you need to learn is how to take care of a vehicle. And
one of the parts that need attention the most is the one that hits the road always - the tires.
The fact that your tires are always out on the road taking you from one destination to the
other is enough reason to make sure that it is properly cared for. When you care for your
tires, they will be able to last longer and live out their expiry date.
Here’s how to maintain your tires
Learn to check your vehicle’s tire pressure
One of the major causes of tire damage is low tire pressure. It is the major cause of
blowouts, tread damage, and premature wear. To find out your tire’s pressure, you only
need a tire pressure gauge to do so. You begin by removing the cap of your tire from your
valve stem and then inserting the gauge to check for the pressure.
For most of the tires that run on the road, the recommended tire pressure is 30-35 PSI. But
in case you are not sure, you can always check the sticker on your door jam, your owner’s
manual, or go online to find out the recommended pressure for the specific type of tire you
Once you have ascertained the current state of your tire pressure, you may need to remove
or add air to it to reach the proper inflation. And if everything is alright, then leave the tire
as it is.
Know the right time for tire routine maintenance
This is another important thing you should know about your tires. They are to be rotated
on a regular schedule. For this also, feel free to ask your local auto mechanic for a
suggestion or you can always fall back on owner’s manual to help you out.
Tire rotation means moving your wheels and tires to other positions other than the one
occupied before. By doing so, it will allow all the 4 tires tread to wear down evenly. Your
mechanic will also be able to carry out another check on your tire pressure and also have a
quick look at your brakes.
Although it is important to care and maintain your tires, do take note that tires are not
meant to last forever. It is only a matter of time before your tires start wearing out. Even
the natural oils in the tire rubber will evaporate with time leading to damage and cracks.
If your tires have become hazardous, it might be time to change it to avoid unnecessary
accidents on the road.
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