I Understanding ATV Tire Sizing

Understanding ATV Tire Sizing
t’s very important
to get the right size
when purchasing tires
and wheels. Keep in
mind that although used
tires can be available
for a discounted price,
usually you cannot
return them, so knowing the size you require
is very important.
For traditional tire sizes, your numbers will
look something like this: 25x8-12. This means
this particular tire is 25” tall, 8” wide, and 12”
is the diameter of the wheel that the tire will
mount to. All tire sizing is given when the tire
is mounted and inflated to the recommended
level of air pressure. Some tires may be in
metric; if this is the case, traditional sizing
is usually on the tire as well and is the most
common for ordering.
Upsizing tires can be a favourite pastime.
You can safely go up two sizes from stock,
but for the extreme adventurer going larger
can be done with more extensive modifications, so always keep in mind that everything
has a counter effect. The higher you go the
less stable and safe the
machine becomes.
For wheel sizing,
the numbers look a
little different: 8x8, 3+5,
4/110. This means: 8”
is the diameter of the
wheel and also the inside
diameter of the tire, 8” is
the width of the wheel,
3” is the offset in inches
from the inside, 5” is the offset in inches to
the outside. 4 is the number of bolt holes in
the wheel and 110 is the spacing of the bolt
holes, most times in millimetres.
Measuring bolt patterns with a 3-LUG,
you will need to measure the diameter of an
imaginary circle that passes through the centre of all three bolt holes. A 4-LUG measures
the distance between the centre of two
holes directly across from one another, and a
5-LUG measures from the back (side) of one
hole to the centre of the second hole. The
most common is a 4/110 bolt pattern.
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