What Size Truck Do I Need For Moving

What Size Truck Do I Need for Moving
Moving is a stressful job. You can make it easier by planning it out months in
advance. This includes deciding whether you would hire a mover to do the job or
try doing it yourself. If you decide to go the DIY route, you need to think about the
truck that you would use for the move. Now, there are a number of different sizes
of trucks that you can use for moving. You must decide which size of truck would
be enough to carry all your possessions safely to your new home. If you are having
difficulty in determining which size truck would be suitable for your move, then
we have you covered.
Smaller 20m3 Trucks
If you live in a studio apartment and don’t have much furniture, then a smaller
20m3 truck would be just fine for your move. It would have enough capacity to
hold any furniture that you might have and would ensure that everything is
transported safely to its new destination. These trucks can be rented for a fairly low
price and don’t consume much fuel too.
Medium 36m3 Trucks
For people relocating from a 2-3 bedroom apartment, a small truck wouldn’t have
enough space to fit their belongings. It would require a medium sized truck for
transporting the large furniture items that they would undoubtedly have. For such
moves, a medium 36m3 truck is the ideal choice. The fuel consumption of these
trucks is a little high but you can rent them for a competitive price quite easily.
Large 50m3 Trucks
4-5 bedroom moves warrant a large truck. The amount of furniture that such homes
have would occupy a great amount of space. You will definitely need a large 50m3
truck for fitting all your possessions and moving them safely to your new home.
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