What Are The Steps To Track Expenses In QuickBooks?

What Are The Steps To Track Expenses In
Quickbooks is leading accounting software designed to manage sales,
purchase, inventory, payroll and other needs of a small and medium
business. This software is a vast including so many marketing tools,
product and supplies, merchant services and training solutions. A user
can monitor expense easily within a short period of time using this
Many businesses suffer expenses when they provide service to their
clients or customers and for that, they have to bill them for these
expenses. This becomes easier when you use QuickBooks as your
accounting software. So, here is a step-by-step guide to doing this:
1. Open the application of QuickBooks on your android phone.
2. Now, go to the expense as you generally would on either a credit
card charge, check or a bill.
3. After choosing the expense account, enter the customer name in
the required filed and check mark the box next to Billable.
4. Now, save the information and close the transaction.
5. To create a customer invoice, open the invoice screen and fill the
details for the customer as you usually do.
6. A
pop-out window will
the outstanding billable time or cost of that customer. Select this
option and click OK.
7. Now, go to Expenses tab where a list of all the unbilled expenses
is listed for that customer.
8. Select the options which are to be included on the invoice. Click
9. Now the amount of your expense has been added to the invoice for
the customeice page.
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