How to Hide Your Profile from Facebook

Facebook is a so much vide and broad network for everyone. More than 80% of mobile phone users have
connected to Facebook. Well friends Facebook is very good source of Getting information. You can get very
detailed knowledge of many things due to Facebook also it may help you in utilizing time and enjoying
yourself. Now-a-day all people wants to use Facebook and became visible on Facebook. But at some points
we does not want to show our profile or we want to make our profile hide from others. Facebook is very
wide and you can use it by uploading pictures on it, making videos and share your stories and locations with
all of your Friends.
This is very tough question that how can we can make our profile Hide from some people? So we were here
back with this answer and our answer is “YES”. Yes you can make your profile hide from some Facebook
contacts. Sometimes we don’t want some particular persons to enter in our social life. There are so many
reasons when we have to make our account private so that our information will not get hacked or leaked or
we don’t some-one to see our pictures, videos. You just need to do some advance setting in your Facebook
profile and all things will be done and work as per you’re your desires.
So now we are here providing you some tips or can say that some of the worked methods of hiding your
profile from some Facebook contacts. With these tips you will get all the details clear and your knowledge
will also upgrade with this blog.
First of all move on your Facebook profile.
After entering in your profile, go to setting tab on hit it. It’ll show all the links that you simply have
shared within the minimum the last fortnight.
Try for deselecting the complete choices scrapping one to depart it for others to hunt on.
Opt for saving the modifications by clicking on the “apply” and so on the ok button.
Now you did it my friend. Now your profile is became private and no-one see your profile and send you
friend Request without your interest. Now, it's crucial to exit of your profile and make a pretend to account
for checking and testing the disappearance. After completing these instructions, you can enjoy the
transparency and anonymity with ease. Now feel free to share your pictures, videos and stories on your
Facebook account.
Now if you still not understand the process, so don’t worry about it. You have to just contact Facebook
technical support number USA and your issues will be solved by our technicians within a little time. Besides
this issue, if you are suffering from any other issue, make us a call and we will be there to help you in your
problems So keep going with our blogs and learn so many technical things to your social life easy.