How To Reset The BROTHER Printer To Restore A Connection To The Computer?

How to Reset the BROTHER Printer to Restore
a Connection to the Computer?
Are you facing difficulty in resetting your printer? You have found an exact and
good place to resolve this problem. As this blog will help you in completing
your task. Resetting a printer helps in finding the lost connections to the
So, let’s move ahead and follow the given instructions step-by-step to resolve
your problem. Turn off the printer if already turned on. After waiting for 10
seconds, remove its power cable.
1. Now, turn off the computer from which you were try printing.
2. Connect the power cable to the BROTHER machine, and then power on
the printer in case it doesn’t start automatically.
3. Withdraw the power cable from your wireless router because internet
networks will be interrupted while the router is not in service.
4. After waiting 10 seconds, reconnect the power cable to the router.
5. Wait for the router’s network activity indicator to light.
6. Now, press the wireless button or wireless control panel icon on the
BROTHER machine to disable the wireless connection, and then on.
7. Wait for some minutes to reconnect to your router.
8. Next, turn on the computer and give a print command.
The printer has been reset now and now you can easily print your documents. If
you stuck at some point, don’t worry as we are here to help you timely. We have
a big team and available round the clock to aid our customers anytime.
To avail our proper help, give us a call at Brother Printer Repair Centre
Canada 1-855-253-4222. One of our engineers will help to rectify the print
related issues. We are working in this field since many years and our
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Go for it now!
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