How to Fix the Out of Paper Issue in HP Printer 4110?

How to Fix the Out of Paper Issue in
HP Printer 4110?
Are you feeling annoyed with displaying “no paper loaded messages” on the
control panel in an HP 4110 printer even though it is? If this is the case, then let us
guide you. When it occurs then your printer makes a noise as if it is printing but no
paper is moving through it. There might be several causes for this issue such as the
improper loading into the paper tray, glitches in its setting or paper is incompatible
with the device etc. You need to go through the several steps to troubleshoot the
issues, resetting the printer could be one of them.
So here Hp Printer Technical Support presents you with the
comprehensive steps to fix this issue. Just go ahead and follow
the described steps.
 Disconnect the power cable without turning off the device, you can find the
power cord at the back of the device. Let it in the same state for 30 seconds
and connect the power cable again and press the power button to turn it on.
 Now review the position of the sheet, take it out form the device. Scrutinize
the sheet and make sure it is not bent, torn or damaged. Each paper of the
sheet should be the same size and type.
 If you find any defect, then align it by keeping the stack at the flat surface
like on the desk or any smooth surface. Make sure, the stack comprises not
more than 25 sheets or not less than 10. Sometimes, incompatibility of stack
jams the paper mobility.
 Reload the stack in the same way and push it in a cozy way. Print the
documents to check if it is working or not, if not, then change the paper
setting. For this, open the application which you are using for the printing
job, click “File”> “Print” and “Properties”.
 Choose the appropriate sheet size and type by clicking on “Paper/Quality”,
click “Ok” to save the setting and again click “Ok” to print the documents.
These are the possible cause and its solution our experts have explained you. It is
seemingly easy, but sometimes, it becomes too complex to do, a little mistake can
lead to the other additional glitches. Therefore to avoid any glitches, it is better to
get it done under the observation of the experts. So feel free to contact our experts
via toll-free Hp Printer Helpline Australia (+61-283173389). They will assist
you not only with this particular issue but also in some other similar issues.