How to Reset the Toner Chip in Brother Printer

How to Reset the Toner Chip in
Brother Printer?
Brother solely gives its best to the user. No matter what type of
business you owned or what type of household task you want to
perform. It can manage all the tasks as an admin. Its services quality is
also perfect as it is. Here we are talking about the toner chip and the
way how to reset it. Now some of you are still thinking that- what is
need to make it reset, it is because it keeps a check on the cartridge’s
toner level. It will makes to alert when the ink is about to finish. So if
you want to know the level of Ink in the cartridge then you have to
reset it accordingly. There is an authentic way has been described by
the experts team of Brother Support to reset the problem, although
each set has its own way to make it set.
1. Make the printer “Turn Off”.
2. Now choose to press “Ready” & “Return” button from the printer.
This time make the power on to printer till that you will not see a
floating message on the display- “Performing Self Test.” Once you
done with it, it means you are entered into the “Diagnostics
3. Choose to “Maintenance Count.”
4. Choose the “Reset” option to return the chip’s toner level zero.
5. Now come back to Diagnostics Mode Menu by choosing “Return”
6. Now you had done the whole process, it time to “Restart” the
printer, to make it in a normal mode.
These are the quick steps are needed to Reset the Toner chip in the
printer. If any user is facing any kind of issue in between they can
directly contact the expert’s team of Brother Printer Customer Support
Australia by calling on the given toll-free Brother Printer Support
Number 1800-817-695.
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