How to identify fake gemstones

Do you want to buy gemstones and do not know how to distinguish fake stone and
genuine gemstone? Thenreading this article carefully will surely help you alot. I
will take a liberty to mention one important thing here that fake gemstones are
pretty widespread or trendy nowadays. But it is also important to choose aright
seller that sales genuine gemstone you are looking for.
If you need natural gemstone then you should know some basic tips to identify
gemstones. In fact, you can instantlyidentify few gemstones through observing
some major characteristics such as heft and color. To identify more than you
should use some tricky steps to examine stone thoroughly.
Tips to identify gemstones
1. First check the seller offer a good return policy, though there are countless
stores or online sites offering synthetic gems like synthetic quartz,
synthetic emerald, synthetic green tourmaline and others being sold as
genuine gemstones.
2. It is best to invest in gemstone identification chart or you can search online
for helping charts either
3. Check the stone is gemstone, for this feel the surface of stone if it is of sandy
texture or rough do not identify it as gemstone
4. Check for malleability, gemstones have crystalline structure always –
imitation stones mostly look like a real gemstone at first sight but remember
these are made of completely different material. You can check the uneven
surface of imitation has, some carried swirl marks or flow lines.
bubbles in the round and large round shape are common in imitation, also
these are lighter in weight.
5. You should check whether the gemstones are assembled stone or not
6. Check out the intensity of color; do check the transparency of gemstone,
light filter out the gemstone very transparently.
7. Check out the real market price of gemstone you want to buy – you should
check out the value which depends on the quality cut, clarity, the color and
saturation of color, and last but not least carat weight of the gemstone.
8. Using tool is the best option to identify gemstone you can invest once in
your life.
Useful information on gemstones
As the matter of fact, lab created gemstones and lab created diamonds are
widely sold in the market. But this is the gimmick because there are only a few
man-made diamonds are currently available on the market. These labs created
diamond are sold by Genesis, Adia, and most famous Apollo.
Remember if you find sapphire in red then it will be completely fake red.
Sapphire is the gemstone available in any color than red.
Gemstones are
absolutely transparent, transparency check is the key to spot fake gems. Do not
pay your thousands for any fake gemstone. Remember the fact that natural
stones available in red, blue, purple, white/clear, pink, gray, and black (along
with silver and gold stars). However, the synthetic stone comes in red and blue
and few colors only.