The key precious gemstones, their symbolic meaning and healing powers

The key precious gemstones, their symbolic
meaning and healing powers
Never have been healing crystals and gemstones so popular than these years.
These magical creations of our world hide lots of healing power on their own right
and therefore, they won’t only please you with their beauty but can also help you
feel better and healthier in many ways. Gemstones can be especially effective if
you fit them to your month of birth. Let’s see some of the most valuable genuine
gemstones called the „ big four” by the world of gemologists and jewellers.
The „big four” of the jewelry world:
Diamond: the hardest and purest crystals of all time, it’s no wonder that diamond
is the most expensive gemstone in the world, with its fame remaining untouched
over the centuries. The value of a diamond is measured according to the so-called
4 Cs as the key attributes to its qualities: Colour, Carat, Cut, and Clarity. Diamond
is the symbol of everlasting love, that’s why it’s the most popular gemstone used
in both engagement and wedding rings.
As for its healing powers diamond is said to have great powers when it comes to
uniting the mind and the body, it’s the symbol of power, truth and also
perfection. The wearing of the gemstone is also known to help in purifying one’s
life, will, intentions and helps in resolving problems too.
Substitutes:cubic zirconium and white topaz.
Ruby: the ruby gemstone is cherished for its deep burgundy red color ruby is a
rare and expensive gemstone. It’s in fact so expensive that it comes right after
diamond in terms of value. The gemstone is often the symbol of deep passion and
love. Ruby is ranked according to its exact shade, with the darker red being the
most valuable. It’s also one gemstone widely worn by emperors all over the
As for its healing powers: ruby is associated with the sun and it’s said to have
great healing and preserving energies the same way as rich red wine: being good
for the blood, heart and the brain. It’s also thought to help to boost energy levels
and bring luck.
Substitutes: Red garnet and the deep-pink Tourmaline
Emerald: The classic, beautiful green shade of the emerald is world famous and
it’s totally unique which makes this gemstone one of the highest in value.
According to the legends the Holy Grail was made out of emerald. As for its
healing energies, it’s known to protect one from being unfaithful. Emerald is so
rare and precious that its price can be higher than that of the diamond.
Colombian emeralds are the current best affordable quality stones. In addition,
emerald loose stones are also affordable online, if you are looking to buy
gemstones as an investment.
Substitutes: Tsavorite and peridot
Sapphire: known for its extreme price, rarity and the beauty of its color this is a
unique gemstone, often associated with the planet Saturn. The gemstone has a
specially long history of over 2000 years and it’s considered a holy stone by the
Catholic Church. It’s said to defend from harm, protection and it was known to
protect against magic and witchcraft too. It also helps purify thoughts and bring
hope and positivity.
Substitutes: Alexandrite