Introduction to gemstones as birth stones

Introduction to gemstones as
Hereby, we enlist the western-style birthstone chart so popularly used in the US
and Europe likewise.
January: Red Garnet: Red garnet is one of the oldest gemstones in history going
back to the ancient times of Greece. With its’ name meaning pomegranate, this
lovely red gemstone is often referred to as the symbol of eternal love. As for its
properties as a talisman garnet is said to provide great help in preserving or
getting back the spiritual balance and helps us keep grounded.
February: Amethyst: Amethyst is known to have some of the most powerful
healing energies, it’s therefore among the most popular healing stones. Being the
gemstone of peace, balance, intuition Amethyst is fantastic for relaxation
techniques. Its outstanding purple color makes this gemstone extremely wanted
either incorporated in a lovely ring, earring or necklace.
March: aquamarine which is the symbol of the sea, thanks to its unique icy blue
color. Also known as the treasure of mermaids this gemstone’s healing powers
are all connected to water energy.
April: diamond and white topaz: this month is very special by being celebrated by
the clearest white gemstones. While diamond is the primary stone, white topaz is
a handy substitute. Both stones provide their wearers with high mental
May: Emerald: much renowned for its outstanding green color it’s no wonder
emerald is among the most popular gemstones ever. Just like its season, the
spring this gemstone is the symbol of rebirth. Colombian emeralds are today’s
hippest and most affordable choices for buying in form of jewelery. Check out
colombian emeralds at trusted jewelleries.
June: Alexandrite: this stone is unique in its qualities as it has a color changing
characteristic only very few gemstones and crystals have. Alexandrite can turn
blue to green and green to red in varying light conditions. The gemstone is great
to boost well-being and inner energy levels. Another mystical gemstone for this
month is the beautiful rainbow moonstone.
July: red ruby and black onyx. The red ruby gemstone symbolises passion and
power, therefore it’s often worn by kings and leaders. It’s one of the most
expensive gemstones in the world. Black onyx with its eternal black color is
perfect for nightwear, it’s the symbol of the mystical and has great protective
August: peridot: a perfect symbol of the fresh summer breeze this rare gemstone
will bring you this great summer energy and it’s otherwise known as the gem of
the sun.
September: sapphire: gifted by a very unique deep blue color sapphire is among
the most popular gemstones. It’s associated with the planet Saturn and it’s
considered a holy gemstone by the Catholic and also the ancient Persian religion (
October: pink tourmaline and opal: often getting mistook for rubies tourmaline is
pinker than ruby. The gemstone is famous for being extremely durable and it’s
said to boost creativity.
November: citrine: often called the gemstone of Art Deco for its popularity
between the two world wars. It’s also said to be a natural cleanser for the body
and the soul.
December: the last month of the year is also gifted by two outstanding
gemstones: the blue topaz and the deep blue tanzanite. While topaz is known to
help focus and purify thoughts tanzanite is known to bring more positivity in one’s