I Can’t Upload Pictures on Facebook

Facebook is the widest and popular Social Media platform in the whole world. Everyone is now connecting with the
world through facebook. Day by day it is getting more advanced and best in technology. As it is getting more
advanced it is the responsibility of facebook supporter or help center that facebook becomes easy to us. There are
so many issues we have to face sometime like sometimes we can’t send a friend request to a person; we are not
permitted to enter in any group or many other Issues. But for these minor or major issues, we have FACEBOK
SUPPORT TEAM, who is always ready to help you in your glitches. You can get proper guidance on phone calls but
still if you are not satisfy with that or not getting the point, then you can also take our help.
And now If you are trying to uploading a picture on facebook but it was not getting done, so the below mentioned
procedure is very helpful for you. So follow these steps and upload your picture on Facebook without any hassle.
1. We are sure if you facing uploading error, so you should first update your Adobe flash. So we advise you to
update your Adobe Flash. For updating it:
 Remove the old Adobe Reader from your device.
 Download the latest Version of Adobe reader
 Clear all cache and history before opening your Facebook.
2. Sometimes many users were using some softwares which blocks the ads, if you are using any one of these
software so make it off.
3. Be sure that your file is of right format. It means you are only able to upload a JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF image
on your profile.
4. Size of the picture also matters a lot. Generally we recommend you to upload a picture of maximum size of
5. Also make sure that the version you are using, is the latest version of your browser.
6. And at last you should also check your Support Box. Sometimes due to uploading any abusive or illegal
image you were temporary blocked form uploading pictures on facebook. In that situation you have to wait
or take steps as per the mentioned guidelines of Facebook team.
All the above mentioned methods are guiding you about the reasons or solution os that you can upload our photos
on facebook. We hope you will get all of the above mentioned points, but if you are not satisfy or having any doubt
in your mind regarding the facebook you can ask us anytime. Reach us by Facebook Support Helpline Number 1855-217-2236 and our experts are available here to take your calls.
So follow these steps, upload your photos on facebook and enjoy. If you are having any error, we are here to help
Source: http://clientsitesupportteam.blogspot.com/2018/04/i-cant-upload-pictures-on-facebook.html