How to Remove “Near Empty” Message, Answers Brother Printer Support

How to Remove “Near Empty” Message,
Answers Brother Printer Support
The message “Near empty” appears when a particular color of ink is running
low. This informs you that it’s time to replace the ink cartridge. However, if
you wish to continue the work without that ink, then the work can be
continued with the same message on the LCD. But to remove this message,
you have to replace the cartridge.
1. Lift the scanner cover from the right-hand side of Brother Printer until it
locks properly.
2. Navigate to the plastic hook that is locked over the ink cartridge which
you wish to change. Pull the hook towards yourself and withdraw the
ink container for the color symbolized on the display.
3. Now, open the new ink container and eliminate it from its bag carefully
and gently, remove its plastic cover from the bottom.
 Take care while removing cover; prevent it from spilling on
yourself or staining your hands and clothing.
 Remove the cartridge cover from the bag to prevent cartridge
4. Install the ink cartridge properly. Push the hook to check it is securely
attached to the top of the cartridge.
5. Once it is done, lift the cover of the scanner gently to release the lock.
Then, push it down to close it.
6. Whenever you will change the cartridge color, the Brother printer will
ask you “Did you change color? You have to select Yes if you really did
so. If the user don’t select Yes in this case then, the “Near Empty”
message will appear on the screen again.
7. Once you confirmed the cartridge changed, the Brother Printer will
initiate a cleaning cycle that stays for about three minutes for each color
you replaced. During this procedure of cleaning, you will alternatively
see “Cleaning” and “Please Wait” message.
8. When the cleaning cycle is finished, then your printer will show the date
and time.
If you still see the “Near Empty” message on the display, then it’s time to
contact Brother Printer Customer Support Number 1-844-888-3870 for
an instant help. Let the experts handle your matter; they are experienced and
certified to handle every situation in an easier manner. Stop being troubled
by any fault of your printer and move ahead to avail the experts help.
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