How to refill a canon ink cartridge

How to refill a canon ink cartridge?
If you are a long time user of Canon printer, then you are already familiar with the
expensive nature of ink cartridges. To that end, we always look for cheaper
alternatives. In the case of printing peripherals, we look for refills. Unsurprisingly, the
brand does not allow that and it can stop the device from working if a refill is
detected. For them, only a fresh new cartridge can be of use. To that end, you should
not only refill the cartridge, but also reset the printer ink counter.
Canon Support Australia is here with both of this process
When it comes to Canon printers, there are some definite expectations. The printing
needs to be crisp and the ink usage should be prudent and minimum. Therefore, you
should first make sure that the refill you have gotten is of a prime quality. Once you
are done with that, we can begin with the refilling process.
Resetting the peripheral
Before you begin with the refill, you first need to cold reset your device
Press and hold the upon the “Go” button and turn off its power
Turn the power back on after 20 seconds and release the “Go” button
Perform the same steps about five times and your device is now reset and its
ink levels are now none.
Before you attempt the above process, make sure that there is no ink in the cartridge
Refill A canon cartridge.
Remove the ink cartridge from the section.
Make sure to look into the reservoir if that is empty.
Pull out the reservoir and clean it.
Use a syringe without the needle to refill the cartridge. A 30 cc syringe is the
best in this case.
 The process is not perfect and leakage is eminent. Therefore, use a towel or
a paper to clean the leakage.
 Reinstall the ink-jet component.
A pretty self defining process, you might have gathered that the process is not
complete. Therefore, you can contact us via the toll-free Canon printer customer
care Ireland +353-766803285 for a more detailed explanation of the above method.
In addition to resolving the refilling issue, our experts can also assist you with other
issues you might confront while using the device.
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