How To Solve Epson Printer Error Codes

How to Solve Epson Printer
Error Codes?
Epson Printers are notable for stunning print quality and long lasting features of their
printer. Users get outstanding printing results with Epson printers. Yet, there are some
technical glitches which need a proper guidance to solve those errors. Although the
problem of common errors does not occur frequently if you confront this, you should
know the solution to it. All you need to solve this issue by following the instructions
given below:
 Error Code – W05/I-01- This shows when there is something wrong with the
paper. When the printer tray is out of paper or loaded with lots of papers, then
this problem occurs. To solve this, check the papers loaded in feeder sheet
 Error Code – W02/W03- This occurs when paper got stuck in the printing
machine. So, to solve this problem, turn off the machine and remove the jammed
paper from the machine carefully and once it’s done, restart the machine.
 Error Code – W04- This problem indicates that the cover of the cartridge is not
properly closed. To solve this, close the cartridge cover properly and then press
the Start button for printing the documents.
 Error Code – W10/W11/W13/W41- This error code indicates that either ink
cartridge is not installed correctly or it got expanded. So, in this case; you have to
replace the ink cartridge with a new one and install it in a proper manner.
 Error Code – W12- This problem is also due to ink cartridge. When the machine
is unable to recognize the ink cartridge properly, then user faces such problem.
To solve this, you need to use the branded and compatible ink cartridge.
 Error Code – I-11- To remove this error, you have to install a memory card in
the machine. If already installed, verify if it is installed correctly.
 Error Code – I-50- This problem occurs when index sheet has been not placed
properly on the scanner glass. To solve this problem, you have to substitute it
with the given mark for placement.
 Error Code – W01/E10- This symbolizes that your Epson printer is over with its
service life, so you need to contact the service center.
 Error Code – E02- This indicates that there is something wrong with your Epson
Machine, so restart it in a gap of 1 minute and check if it works. If not, then you
need to contact the service center.
 Error Code – E01- Paper jammed in the machine shows this error. Turn off the
Printing machine and remove the paper jammed in it and then turn it on.
Don’t leave your printer unused for more than a week. If you follow a regular
maintenance routine, then you’ll hardly face an issue in it. Most of the issues which are
minor can be solved at home by you. Users just need little guidance to maintain the
machine. Call at Epson Printer Technical Support Helpline Number 1800-817-695 for
more information and guidance related to Epson machine. The experts are there to
instruct you step-by-step to solve any technical related issue. You’re just a call away to
avail our services.