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Questions 1.
A customer is considering the purchase of an XIV system and
wants the standard warranty.
What is the standard hardware warranty for this purchase?
• A. One year warranty with 9x5 same business day
• B. Two year warranty with 9x5 next business day response
• C. Five year warranty with 24x7 response (dependent upon
machine type)
• D. One or three year warranty with 24x7 response (dependent
upon machine type)
• Answer: D
Questions 2.
A customer is looking to leverage a multi-tier approach for its storage. The
customer is concerned about the cost of high performance drives and correct
sizing for future disk purchases. The IBM sales specialist suggests a DS8870 and
Easy Tier to handle the different tiers.
Which tool should you use to help the customer purchase the best tier of disk
for future disk purchases?
• A. STAT Tool
• B. Disk Magic
• C. TCOnow! Tool
• D. Capacity Magic
• Answer: A
Questions 3.
A customer has experienced high drive failure and loss of data in its
environment and is considering XIV to replace the existing storage.
Which XIV benefit should the technical specialist highlight to address this
customer's concerns?
•A. IBM Hyper-Scale
•B. Distributed cache
•C. Exceptional rebuild speed
•D. IBM Advanced System Placement program
•Answer: C
Questions 4.
A potential customer wants to implement a 65TB repository solution
for its open systems environment. The customer's existing storage
has 90TB available. Scalability with future clustering and replication
is a very important requirement.
Which model meets the customer's requirements?
•A. TS7740 VTL
•B. TS7720 VTL
•C. TS7650G ProtecTIER Gateway
•D. TS7620 ProtecTIER Appliance Express
•Answer: C
Questions 5.
A customer currently owns a Scalar LTO-5 SAS single drive
autoloader. Planned future growth requires a tape library with
capacity of four LTO-6 drives and 40 data cartridges.
Which IBM product meets the requirement while minimizing impact
on the budget?
•A. TS2900
•B. TS3100
•C. TS3200
•D. TS3310
•Answer: C
Questions 6.
A storage administrator needs to set storage alerts for the DS8000,
IBM Spectrum Virtualize, and EMC DMX.
Which product enables this ability?
•A. IBM Spectrum Scale
•B. IBM Spectrum Control
•C. IBM FlashSystem Software
•D. IBM Storwize Family Software
•Answer: B
Questions 7.
A customer needs to implement Easy Tier in its data center for
better and faster performance.
Which IBM product should the technical specialist propose?
•C. DS8870
•D. ProtecTIER TS7650G
•Answer: C
Questions 8.
A customer wants to buy a new product for its data center and is
looking for a system that can be a replacement for EMC storage.
What is an advantage of XIV?
•A. Flash cache
•B. Ease of management
•C. Software priced by capacity
•D. Fully automated software tiering
•Answer: B
Questions 9.
A customer needs an enterprise storage system with grid
architecture to make storage management easier.
Which storage system meets the customer's requirements?
A. N series
B. XIV System
C. FlashSystem 840
D. DS8870
Answer: B
Questions 10.
A customer has installed IBM Spectrum Control and its
Which IBM software product provides the core capabilities to
manage the underlying hardware?
A. OpenStack
B. SmartCloud Orchestrator
C. Tivoli FlashCopy Manager
D. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center
Answer: D
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