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C5050-384 practice questions
1. What must occur before an Organization Manager can add a user to an
organization in IBM Cloud?
A. The organization manager must create spaces.
B. The organization manager must define quotas.
C. The user must sign up for an IBM Bluemix account.
D. The user must request access to the IBM Cloud system domain.
Answer: C
C5050-384 practice questions
2. What kind of API does the Cloudant NoSQL Datatabase service provide in IBM
D. WebSocket
Answer: C
C5050-384 practice questions
3. The Liberty buildpack is used when deploying which kind of applications?
A. Swift
B. Node.js
C. ASP.Net
D. Java EE
Answer: D
C5050-384 practice questions
4. When using the IBM Single Sign On service for IBM Cloud, which authentication
client framework must the application use?
B. OAuth 2.0
C. OpenID Connect
D. Basic Authentication
Answer: C
C5050-384 practice questions
5. A Kafka client connecting to Message Hub authenticates with the service by
supplying what information?
A. The Kafka version and certificate number.
B. The credentials from their MQTT-Kafka bridge.
C. The user and password found in the Message Hub service credentials.
D. A user and password created by the admin when the topics are created.
Answer: C
C5050-384 practice questions
6. What action may be performed to restrict access to an IBM Cloud domain and
application to specific clients?
A. Use the bx network route-map command to add the clients that need access to
the application.
B. Use the “Manage organization” menu to add the clients that need access to the
C. Use the client certificate trust store file upload option to specify a group of
client-side certificates.
D. Upload the client certificates to the DNS service provider.
Answer: C
C5050-384 practice questions
7. By default, what port do applications use to communicate with a Cloudant
A. 223
B. 443
C. 5521
D. 3301
Answer: B
C5050-384 practice questions
8. Which standard mechanism is used to secure the API Gateway in the IBM
Reference implementation of a Cloud native Omnichannel application?
B. OAuth
C. OpenID
Answer: C