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Questions 1.
• Which of the following statements about block virtualization
technology for Huawei storage systems are correct? (Multiple Choice)
• A. Data is distributed to all disks, fully leveraging the read/write
processing capability of a storage system.
• B. A RAID group is formed in the unit of physical disks.
• C. A CKG is the unit used in applying for space, releasing space, and
relocating data.
• D. Data reconstruction efficiency improves significantly.
• Answer: AD
Questions 2.
• Which of the following statements about RAID 1 is incorrect?
• A. RAID 1 writes data to each member disk and data on all member
disks is identical.
• B. RAID 1 uses the XOR algorithm for parity.
• C. In normal cases, RAID 1 reads data from data disks and mirror
disks simultaneously.
• D. RAID 1 allows data to be immediately recovered from the other
member disks once the data is damaged on any group of disks.
• Answer: B
Questions 3.
Which of the following statements about SAS is false?
A. SAS is a point-to-point, full-duplex, and dual-port interface.
B. SAS drivers are incompatible with SATA controllers.
C. SAS features high performance and high reliability compared with SCSI.
D. SAS offers powerful scalability compared to SATA.
Answer: B
Questions 4.
• What functionality takes are of distributing workloads across the
various nodes?
• A. InfoTier.
• B. InfoEqualizer.
• C. 9000-LoadBalancer module.
• D. Wushan-Balancer.
• Answer: B
Questions 5.
• What is true about the characteristics of the HUAWEI OceanStor V3
• A. Up to 8 controllers can be working together.
• B. Data coffer feature implemented in all OceanStor models.
• C. Controller CPU’s have been updated and cache is upgraded.
• D. All of the answers are true.
• Answer: D
Questions 6.
• When the RPO is minutes instead of hours the best backup method is traditional
Tape backup.
• Answer: B
Questions 7.
• Statement 1: Structured data is easy to handle for most organizations.
Statement 2: A MER has better power and cooling capacities than a data center.
A. Statement 1 and Statement 2 are both True.
B. Statement 1 is True; Statement 2 is False.
C. Statement 1 is False; Statement 2 is True.
D. Statement 1 and Statement 2 are both False.
Answer: B
Questions 8.
What are the advantages of SSDs over HDDs?
A. Large capacity
B. Faster read/ write speed
C. Better environmental adaptability
D. Longer service life
Answer BC
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