Pros and cons of Husqvarna Automower

Pros and cons of Husqvarna Automower
The arrival of the first intelligent
automated lawnmower robots the
Husqvarna Automower brand has really
done a breakthrough in gardening
technology. There are lots of people out
there who are unable to maintain the
state of their grass on a daily level. The
automated mower is a great solution for
those who are busy, who would need
more free time and also for those who
are elderly, handicapped or otherwise
limited from mowing their grass in the
traditional way.
The Husqvarna automower are relatively
small, they look like some sort of a giant
bug in the grass mowing up and down,
until the desired level of grass is
The pros:
 It’s nature friendly as it works with an electric battery
 It has a very low noise which makes it fine also for doing jobs during the night
 It’s good up to 3000 square meters
Its cutting height can be customized until 5 centimeters or 2.4 inch of maximum height
It’s equipped with sensors, to sense all object which stand in its way.
The newest high profile models such as the Husqvarna 430 ACX are equipped with their apps, which can
ensure constant communication between the owner and the robot.
They are waterproof
When they sense their battery is running out they would automatically return to their base. Then, when
they are recharged, they would return to where they’ve stopped the work. This can be thanked to their
built in GPS.
They provide a much finer cut that also enables grass to grow richer and lusher than before.
They all have lift, tilt and other obstacle related sensors.
And now, let’s see the cons:
 The machines are very expensive, with their price being between 1800 to 2400 USD.
 Their maintenance can also cost a lot of money.
 They won’t do well on hilly ground. They need an equal level area to perform their best
 Make sure to take it in when it rains. The reason for that is , that while it’s waterproof, it won’t be able to
control all the mud and wet grass sticking to it which would eventually force the machine to stop.
 They need a special wire installation around the area where they are to be used, the wires have to be on
ground level for the automower to be able to sense it and avoid it.
 The setup is pretty difficult, you may need support.
 Only the more expensive versions have their apps, the others are relatively uncontrolled after they have
been set up.
 Although it stops when it senses something in the grass, this will also make its job uneven. Therefore every
owner is advised to rake the grass through to remove all objects to avoid any accidents.
 Despite all the safety features, the smaller versions such as the Husqvarna Automower 305 can be easily
stolen when left unattended.
 They won’t work on grass above 5 cm or 2.4 inch of height. This means, if you couldn’t cut your grass for
more than 2 days, you will need to do a precutting or use a standard lawnmower to mow the area.
All in all, Husqvarna automower can be handy when used on a plain area which is easy to mow and which needs an
almost constant maintenance.