All you need to know about Husqvarna Auto mowers

All you need to know about Husqvarna Auto mowers
Husqvarna is a Swedish brand which has been specifically focusing on the design
and manufacturing of lawn mower robots, in order to help families win tons of free
time, which they can spend with relaxing, free-time activities or work. Sweden is a
country with plenty of rain, which makes grass grow even faster than in other dryer
areas. This means, that the need of mowing is also higher, especially in high
maintenance areas, where attention is paid whether someone is having the grass in
a proper state and height. These auto mowers can help a great deal with the
elimination of this chore.
As of today, there are several prototypes of Husqvarna automowers in use and they
are constantly being reinvented, in order to provide an even better performance.
Key advantages:
 They are all automated
 They all have a built in sensor which senses if their battery is running low,
and they return to their charger to recharge
 They are environmentally friendly: they work with electric batteries, this
means they will not pollute the air with any exhaust fumes.
 They are equipped with sensors to avoid them getting run into larger objects
such as bushes and also they can sense and avoid most objects stuck in the
 They are equipped with deep seating razors. They cut the grass in small
Comparing different prototypes:
 Each version can handle relatively large areas ( up to 3000 square metres or
¾ acres)
 The key difference between larger and smaller versions such as the
Husqvarna automower 430X or the Husqvarna automower 230ACX is in
their initial intelligence. While the setup of the smaller models works mainly
manually, the 430X is supported by an app and a built in GPS.
 The safety features are being further improved. While Sweden is a safe
country, the safety features were not completely focused on in the earlier
models. But today’s models are all equipped with lift, tilt and other obstacle
related sensors. This means the robot will communicate with you whenever
there are any problems. The built-in GPS of the 430X is also able to tell you
the exact place the little robot was lifted.
 Each model is designed to return to their last position after their batteries are
completely recharged.
 Each model is waterproof.
 The cutting process is similar to the grass cutting/eating habits of sheep.
They will only cut a little and if more cutting is needed it would gradually
return to that area and continue cutting step by step.
 Each models are able to sense levels and they are designed to level the grass
if the levels were uneven.
 Newer small models such as the Husqvarna 230C come in different colours.
 Their sound is pretty low, especially compared to the traditional
lawnmowers’ sound.
 The models can be programmed as to when they should start cutting and
when they should finish cutting.
 The blades work up until 5 cm or 2.4 inch of height.
All in all this is a nice little robot which can be a great addition to any garden.