Ruffles Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas
When you first find out you are expecting, you want to celebrate it and shout it to the moon. Every
month is exciting, different and new. Learning how your baby is growing and ever changing is a thrilling
experience. Couples want to celebrate every moment and this is why Gender Reveal parties are getting
more and more popular. Once you find out your excepting, you start counting down the days to find out
if you are having a boy or a girl. Here are some fun and unique ways to do just that and Boho Baby
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Confetti Baby. A confetti party is a fun and festive theme for a gender reveal party. The cake can be
designed to look like a bunch of blue and pink confetti has fallen on it. When you are ready to reveal the
gender, use a confetti push pop. A burst of pink or blue confetti will splash up in the air revealing what
gender you are having.
Balloon party: With blue and pink balloons all decorated throughout the party, this is a fun way to
celebrate. Then have a large black balloon as the centerpiece of the party venue. You can have
everyone guess by wearing a pink bow or a black mustache pin of what they think the gender will be.
When its time for the big reveal, pop the black balloon and pink or blue glitter and confetti will burst out
in the party.
Let’s Be Kids Again: Acting like a kid again is so much fun. It’s great to think about a time when you had
little to no responsibilities and you could be silly all you want. So how do you incorporate this theme in
a gender reveal party? Silly string! Silly string is so much fun! Everyone gets a can that is covered with
black paper so that you don’t know what color the string is. When its time to reveal (and get the camera
ready), have everyone engage in a silly string fight with everyone.
What will it “Bee”? Looking for an adorable themed gender reveal party? A bee theme is perfect.
Black, white and yellow are the colors of the party with cute bees buzzing around the party. Incorporate
the bee hive hexagon print into your party décor. Make a bee hive gender reveal cake. When its time to
reveal the gender, the parents-to-be will cut into the cake and the inside will either be blue or pink cake.
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