Social Media Marketing - The Latest Global Stats

Social Media Marketing: The Latest Global Stats
Social media is an important marketing medium. You are missing out on a lot of your target
audience if you aren’t spending on social media marketing. The number of social media users is
increasing each year. As more people now have access to the internet and a mobile phone, this
number is expected to rise even more. The latest global stats indicate that more and more people
are using social media and it is having a more profound effect on brands and marketing. Here is a
look at the latest global stats for social media marketing.
The number of internet users in the world has reached 4.021 billion which is an increase
of almost 7%. The number of social media users has increased by 13% and is up to 3.196
Mobile phone users are hogging much of the web traffic as compared to desktops.
Around 52% of the web traffic is coming from mobile phones while only 43% belongs to
desktop PCs.
Facebook is becoming a behemoth in the social media industry. Its potential reach is
expanding all the time. The average post reach vs page like for Facebook is around
10.7% while the percentage for paid post reach vs total reach stands at 26.8%. So, it is
important to market your product on Facebook and know how to optimize your content
to maximize its reach.
95% of the adults in the age range of 18-34 that are connected to the internet are most
likely to use social media for following a brand. Around 71% of the users who have had
a good experience with a brand’s social media services are likely to recommend it to
their friends and family members.
The brand pages on social media aren’t followed that much by people who actively
discuss their products online. 96% of the people that discuss brands don’t follow their
profiles on social media networks. Thus, in order to get insights from them, companies
need to expand their reach to these conversations that are taking place beyond their own
Visual content gets shared 40 times more than any other content type on social media.