Enjoy Swimming in Winter Season

Enjoy Swimming in Winter Season
Are you planning about purchasing a heater for your swimming pool? A very affordable option
will be getting a solar water heating system for swimming pool. These heaters do not want any
additional energy source, thus it will effectively heat up your swimming pool for free.
Solar energy heater for pools - how it work?
Not like any other types of solar devices, solar energy water heater works rather easy. These
solar panels gather heat directly from the sun. Typically, they are installed on your roof or close
to your pool. A pump provides water from your pool throughout a filter which leads it into a
solar aerial. The water gets heat in the solar collector then comes back into the pool throughout
the pump.
It would not let you to swim in the month of January, obviously. But it would make swimming
relaxed when the condition just turned to be too chilly for a relaxed swim. In conditions with
cold winter, having a solar water heating system can bring your swimming period up to five,
six month in a year, when exclusive of it you will just swim two or three month. Normally
speaking, on a bright day a solar heater can raise the temperature of your pool water by 7 to 10
What size a heater is required and how much would it cost?
The size of solar power water heating system for swimming pool you want completely depends
on your pool size and the condition in your aria. For big size the pools as well as colder the
places you want big size solar heaters. The solar water heater price is generally proportionate
to its overall size. These heaters with 2'x20' panels are very famous. The cost is approximately
150 dollars for each panel. A complete set of two panels would keep an 18'-24' swimming pool
warm. For big size pools you will want more number of panels.
Using the services of solar pool heater
Not like solar water heaters, if talking about pool heaters then they are fairly simple to install.
Each and every set must come with detailed instructions. First you attach the panels directly to a
pump. After that you need to put the panels where the sun can directly heat them up. You may
mount the solar panels to your upper roof or situate them by the pool with the help of frames
available from the local dealer. At start you would notice that the solar panels get extremely hot,
but after some minutes they would cool down.
Keeping your solar heater for pool
Your heater does not really want any type of maintenance. On the other hand, it is crucial to keep
balanced the chemistry of water. Even you need to check the filter every so often to confirm that
it is properly working.
Getting a good quality solar heater for your swimming pool makes a lot more sense than getting
some other type of heater together with electric and gas heaters.