YMCA Learn To Swim Program - Montessori Learning Center

YMCA Learn To Swim Program
We are offering swimming lessons as part of our summer program for students (3) years of age and
older. The lessons are held across the street at Pearson Park pool and, are arranged by the City of
Anaheim Parks and Recreation Department, and are taught by the YMCA. Lessons are held daily from
10:05 A.M. to 10:40 A.M. All students participating will be escorted to the pool in the park by
Montessori staff, who will remain at the park to observe the lessons and escort the students back to
school when finished. Students will be tested on the first day of class to determine correct class
placement. We have reserved the following sessions and times. Each session consists of 8 lessons. All
lessons are 35 minutes.
Cost : 3 to 5 years old is $65.00 per session per child
Session # 1 Monday July 13th to Thursday July 23rd
…………………. 10:05 to 10:40 A.M.
Session # 2 Monday July 27th to Thursday August 6th …………………. 10:05 to 10:40 A.M.
Payment for swimming lessons will be due before the 19 th of June. Those students participating in
swimming lessons may come to school in their swimsuits, socks and shoes. Please send a T-Shirt, shorts
or dress, underwear, and towel in a tote bag. Be sure to mark your child’s name on all items.
Any questions, please call Mrs. Desiree: 714-999-6618
Child’s Name_____________________________________ Date of Birth____________________
Child’s Name_____________________________________ Date of Birth___________________
Child’s Name_____________________________________ Date of Birth___________________
I give permission for my son/daughter to attend swimming lessons at Pearson park pool. I release the
Montessori Learning Center from any injury sustained during the above times.
------------------------------------------------------------------Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian
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