Technical Analysis Software

Importance of Technical Analysis software for Day /
Positional trader in all market:
In stock market there are two type of major analysis we generally see 1.Fundamental
Analysis and 2. Technical Analysis software . In Fundamental Analysis we need to see so
many parameters like Earning, Profit margin, Return on equity (ROI), Price to Earnings (P/E),
Earning per shares (EPS) etc so its require special skill and take too much time to arrive any
decision for trading and does not give us any specific entry and exit points. Technical
Analysis we need to see only two parameters like price momentum and volume and it’s very
easy to understand and after some practicing it we find some good result for our trading.
Technical Analysis we find demand and supply base on above two parameters with specific
entry and exit points. Technical analysis will used for all kind of intraday, short term and
long term investor and trader. Online technical analysis software provides good numbers of
technical as well as price action overlay and underlay indicators, scanners for different
segments, multiple timeframe charts, watch list, Top gainer and top loser etc. Share market
software will help us to create good price action and indicator base strategy for intraday
and positional trading.
Especially intraday morning first one and half hour and last one hour is good for identify
momentum trade with liquid scrip. Short term trader goes with swing trade for one week of
investment with target of 3 to 5%. Some Technical Analysis software like
will provide reasonably good accurate strategy for intraday and swing trading with auto
generated stop loss and target. They also provide money management and favourable risk
reward for trader and investor.