Stock Market Chart

Stock Market Chart:
Chart is very popular word especially in the stock market and all traders and investors are familiar
with it. In Stock market there is different type of charts available like Line Chart, Bar chart, Heikinashi
chart and last but not the least most popular Candlestick chart. Stock market chart most intraday,
Positional and Long term investor used candlestick chart for making any trading decision base on it.
Candlestick chart formation is also very simple and base on OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close) on
particular days or time. We used different time period charts for different kind of trading like
intraday we use 5 min or 15 min, Swing and short term trading 60 Min or Daily chart, Long tern
investor use weekly or Monthly Stock market chart. Some trader and investor also used chart with
other technical indicators for more confirmation and making trading decision with favourable Risk
Reward according to chart and indicators combination.
Technical chart with good momentum indicators like MACD, SUPER TREND we find good earning
opportunities in any kind of trading timing and segment through Stock market chart. Chart is a
graphical representation of Open, High, Low and close. With chart we also identify price movement
in upward, downward and sideways market direction.
Current time it’s very necessary to have good Stock market chart software to make good trading
decision according to software. Some Stock market chart software like will provide
good quality charts like candlestick and more. Traderguide also provide accurate strategy for
intraday and swing trading with auto generated stop loss and target with good money management
and favourable risk reward for trader and investor.