There are over 1900 listed companies on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and more than 5000 on the
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Daily, these scrips present the traders with numerous money-making
opportunities, but the hard part is to identify the right scrip at the right time. This is not as easy as it
sounds as it is humanly not possible for anyone to manually go thorough each and every scrip, identify the
best of the lot and then successfully execute the trade. To make lives simpler, traders use technical stock
screeners which help them reduce their labour substantially by conducting auto scans and presenting the
traders with the list of stocks that fulfil the mentioned criteria. The introduction of technical stock
screeners has also assisted the traders in bringing down the time required to make a trading decision,
thereby enabling them to react quickly to profitable opportunities.
The modern day technical analysis softwares offer a large number of screeners to their traders, ranging
from intraday screeners to long term investment screeners and spot market screeners to F&O screeners.
These technical stock screeners have come so far that they also allow the traders to decide their own
parameters and run the scans accordingly. Today, the ability of a technical stock screener is only limited by
the ability of its user. They offer multi-timeframe, multi segment, multi-criterion screeners that can help a
trader capture any trading opportunity that is mathematically possible.
The technical stock screeners serve a major cause of narrowing down the options for a trader and only
present him with the results that comply with his pre-defined parameters. This flexibility helps the traders
to conduct custom scanning, at the same time maintaining their unique trading style. Depending upon
their trading style, whether an intraday trader, long term investor, scalper or a swing trader, one can
decide the indicators that suit him/her the best and also prefix a target and stop-loss level. These openended technical stock screeners offer yet another advantage to their trader of allowing them to modify the
criteria of the screeners as per their knowledge and this experimentation in return helps the traders in
coming up with a trading strategy that matches his trading personality.
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