Different kinds of Orthodontist for our healthy teeth

Different kinds of Orthodontist
for our healthy teeth
Orthodontics is necessary both for problems of dental crowding and for functional problems -bite
problems-. In the case of crowding problems not only solve the aesthetic problem that entails, but also
improve oral health, and is that by aligning the arch we improve interdentally hygiene preventing
future tooth decay and periodontal disease - inflammation and loss of gums and bone-.
In cases of functional problems, the use of Best Orthodontist Near Me is of very important since, if we
improve the dental occlusion, we will avoid problems in the articulation of the jaw located in front of the
ear, as well as headaches and cervical pains, in addition to preventing malformations in children during
their growth.
It's not just about having a pretty smile. The fact that our teeth are in a correct position gives our health
more benefits than we think and that go beyond aesthetics. For example, there are studies that show
that a great part of the affections that the mouth presents in adulthood are derived from an incorrect
occlusion and that, therefore, could have been prevented with a Dentist Orthodontist Near Me
Today there are many types of orthodontics, from the more conventional as the metal to the sapphire,
completely transparent, or lingual brackets, which are placed on the inside of the tooth. The price of
each of them varies a lot, being more expensive those more aesthetic and that less are seen.
In short, the objectives of a Pediatric Orthodontist Near Me can be summarized in three:
Correct dental occlusion and good oral function.
Aesthetic improvement of the smile.
Benefit oral health, such as brushing, thus avoiding the accumulation of bacterial plaque.
In short, the main reasons why a person needs to wear orthodontics are:
Abnormalities in the growth of the jaws and in the exit and placement of the teeth due to
different causes, such as lack of space. From them,
problems of occlusion are derived and the teeth appear
rotated or rotated.
 As a result of bad habits such as the late
withdrawal of the pacifier or that the children suck their
 Problems of articulation of the jaw (ATM).
 Achieve the correct placement of the teeth as
part of other dental procedures such as fixation of
prosthesis, performing periodontal treatments or
craniofacial deformities.
More aesthetic orthodontics
Patients still associate orthodontics with the unsightly appliances that were placed before, but thanks to
advances in the field of orthodontics we can find:
Aesthetic braces: the system is the same as normal orthodontics but materials such as ceramics,
fiberglass or acrylics of the same tooth color are used that make them practically imperceptible.
Transparent acrylic splints: they are totally imperceptible and are removed for hygiene and to eat.
Lingual orthodontics: it is fixed and works like the previous one, but in this case the brackets and arches
are placed on the inside of the teeth, not seeing anything on the outside.