Spare Tire Pointers You Should Be Aware Of

Spare Tire Pointers You Should Be Aware Of
Let me start by asking you the obvious question – is there a spare tire in the trunk of your
car? Ok, maybe yours is the type that is attached to the body of the vehicle and not
necessarily in the trunk. But the question still remains the same.
If you are having a hard time answering yes to the question, then you obviously do not have
a spare tire. Some people have a spare tire in their vehicles but the state of the spare tire is
nothing to write home about. It can best be described as tire patches because it has gone
through a lot of patching.
A spare tire is very important but is usually one of the most neglected vehicle accessories.
Other important accessories include tire wheel weights, wheel lug nuts, tire valve stem
caps among others.
Back to the topic. Let’s assume that you have a spare tire in your vehicle and you are happy
that you have passed the test. Well done, however, you are not entirely off the hook. There
are things you should check for to make sure that your spare tire is not useless when you
eventually need it.
When looking for the Nearest tire supplies for your spare tire, there are some things you
should note.
Point 1
You should check and make sure that the pressure on the tire is right. Even after making
your purchase, you should regularly check the spare tire’s pressure.
Most times, the spare tire you got should read between 30 to 35 PSI. This is subject to
change depending on your vehicle and the type of spare tire needed. For donut or compact
spare tires, the PSI could be as much as 60. If in doubt, check the owner’s manual.
Point 2
Not all vehicles come with a spare tire. In fact, many of them will not have a new one. If you
bought your vehicle as second hand, there are two things you should check for. Firstly, on
the tire, check for the date of manufacturing. If the date of the tire is older than 6 years, just
know that such tire is of no use anymore. The spare tire may have a lifeline of 10 years,
however, remember to always check the date and at best, replace it after some years and
not necessarily before the elapse of 10 years.
Secondly, check for the state of the tire. Don’t just settle for any spare tire. Watch out for
tire patches, cracks, worn down tread, scarred plugs or side walls. If you notice this, you
should steer clear of such tire.
Point 3
Spare tires are actually supposed to serve for emergencies and not your everyday tire.
When using your spare, avoid the highway and maintain only about 50 miles while making
use of it. It is also preferable to not go beyond 50 mph, especially if your tire is the donut
Now that you know what you need to look out for in your spare tire, do well to stick to it.
Do not overlook these points as the result of failing to observe your spare tire could be
disastrous. Other things you should look out for when searching for the Nearest tire
supplies like Armando Tires Supplies are tire wheel weights, wheel lug nuts, tire valve
stem caps among many others.
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