Avast Antivirus is one of the most popular software used to keep your
devices including PC and Android devices, safe from online threats.
Sometimes, the software reports different kinds of issues including an
activation error. At that time, you need the help of an expert who can
provide easy and instant method to Troubleshoot Avast Antivirus
Activation Issues. We provide step-by-step methods to fix the relevant
issue from your antivirus software.
The methods to resolve Avast Antivirus activation issues are described
Method 1: Click on the Window system, from the list of devices you are
using. For other devices, follow the proper measures of activation.
The products for which these methods are applicable:
 Avast Pro Antivirus
 Avast Internet Security
 Avast Premier
 Avast Passwords
 Avast Secureline VPN
 Avast Cleanup Premium.
Method 2: Download the copy of “Avast Product license” provided at the
official website of Avast Antivirus to get rid from the issues which are
coming due to the product license.
Method 3: After downloading the copy of the Avast Product license, you
have to activate the
 “Avast Antivirus Product” by choosing the option Antivirus or Other
Windows Products
Method 4: Now activate the “Avast Antivirus product” with the brand new
license number.
Method 5: If the issue still persists, then re-install the Avast Product and once
again activate it. It is one of the necessary methods to Troubleshoot Avast
Antivirus Activation Issues.
 Methods are given below for again re-installation and activation of the
Avast Antivirus Product:
 First of all, uninstall your Avast Antivirus Product
If you are facing issues in installing your Avast antivirus then don’t get
worried feel free to contact at our Avast Antivirus helpline
number +1-877-917-4965 as our technicians are available
throughout the entire day 24*7 for providing reliable customer
support services. We are having trained team of expertise for the
customer support so feel free to contact at anytime anywhere, not
only this you can also mail us on our e-mail id provided on our
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