How to Turn Off Avast at the Startup?

How to Turn Off Avast at the
Windows OS facilitates a Startup processing folder contains all
automatically startup items. This tab shows you all the
applications and system programs that are activated to autostart when you log in or boot your computer.
These application and programs don’t require any special
access/permission to run; once your computer booted up, all
the item of the program list will automatically begin to start.
Like other security software, Avast also launches as soon as
Windows boots up. This automatic launched is worthy, but it
may also make your computer slow by decreasing the time and
speed of the operating system. Therefore, Avast Support has
come with an effective blog you should consider if you want to
turn it off during the Startup:
•Close all the running programs, and restart your computer, if required.
•Now, tap the Windows and R key on your keyboard simultaneously to
open the Run dialogue box.
•Here in the text field of the box, input msconfig.exe, and then press an
Enter key on your keyboard or you can continue by clicking the Ok
•From the item list that appeared, select Startup and then choose the
Startup item button to arrange for the program in a chronologic order.
•After arranging, locate Avast or ashDisp.exe from the list of items that
•Unmark the checkboxes to the left of the application.
•After doing that, the automatic starting up of Avast will remain
silent for good.
•Now, restart your computer.
•Follow the steps again and check the checkboxes, see if there is
any unmark item you want to mark.
•At last click the Apply button to save changes and then click Ok
to close the System Configuration window.
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