What Are The Ways To Protect Android Phone With Avast Mobile Security

What Are The Ways To Protect Android
Phone With Avast Mobile Security?
Avast protects any device from spread of viruses
and malicious codes. It is important to install an
antivirus application on the mobile phone to stay
protected from the threat of viruses. This is
completely free software available online. This
antivirus gives the users an updated protection
against any kind of spyware. This starts working
immediately when a dangerous program finds a
way on your device. It doesn’t take much time to
run a full system scan. Let’s learn how we can
protect our Smart phone through this app.
Scan for Virus:
1. Locate the Avast Application on the
android phone and tap on it to launch
•If the application is not installed on
your device, download it form Google
2. Tap on Virus Scanner from the main
screen of this application. Doing this
will open Virus Scanner’s settings.
3. The next screen will show two
•Scan Apps- turn
the toggle button
enable scanning of
apps by tapping
orange button.
•Scan Files-turn on the
toggle button to enable
scanning of all files.
All this is located on
the bottom of the
4. On the same screen, tap on Run Scan for scanning
the virus on your system. Doing this will scan the
applications or files of the device.
1. A user can monitor the scan progress on the
screen. It shows the percentage completion and
some scan data.
2. When the scan completes, you will be notified
about the virus detected on the mobile. Select
Solve problems to resolve the issue.
3. The list of threat will be shown on the screen.
Tap Resolve all to remove all threats.
Scanning the Network
1. Locate Avast Mobile Security on the mobile
2. Open the application and tap on Wi-Fi security
to open further options for the network security.
3. The current network will be displayed to which
your mobile is connected. Select Run Scan button
to scan the network for any vulnerabilities.
•This will check Wi-Fi, router and encryption. A
user can monitor the scan progress on the screen.
4. If the network to which you are connected is
secure, then a notification will appear on the screen,
if not then problems will be listed. Confirm the WiFi settings, encryption, and router configurations for
security reasons.
This way, a user can tap on App Lock on the main
menu of Avast app to lock the applications. You
have to set a PIN to unlock the selected
So, now users can protect their Smart phones from any
online threat. I hope these above guidelines are
sufficient to you, if not or to clear any doubt, give us a
call at Avast Technical Support Number 1-800-958211 to clear each and every query. Our engineers are
always active to answer the customer’s call and to
provide them satisfactory solution.
Website: https://avast.supportaustralia.com.au/
Contact No. 1-800-958-211
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